LabuanMY is now on Google PlayStore

LabuanMY Google PlayStore


What’s in Version 1.0

Attractions – Historical places around Labuan island. (Requires Internet connection)

Accommodations – List of hotels and homestay in Labuan. Online Booking were introduced to help traveller secure accommodation for their trip to Labuan. (Requires Internet connection)

Transport – List of transportation method in Labuan such as Bus, Taxi and Car Rental, Ferry Vehicles schedule (Labuan – Menumbok – Brunei route) and Ferry Express & Speedboat (Destination to Kota Kinabalu, Menumbok, Sipitang, Lawas and Brunei Darussalam.)

Phone Book – Contains information phone call function for emergency case. Also added are phone number for ferry vehicles operator and public facilities.

Local Event – Link to website to display local events that will happen in Labuan island. (Requires Internet connection)

Other notes 

  • For iOS version, I am currently working on map direction feature to enhance user experience.
  • I will spend four months for major update on Android Version.

What to expect in Version 2.0

  • Less dependant on external source (less reliance on Internet connection)

  • New feature – Dining

  • New feature – Shopping

  • Map direction

  • Most content will be available in-app.


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